Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eating Across America @ The Pit ~ Raleigh, NC

When business travel can be combined with visiting family or friends, it’s an added bonus!
Today I met my cousin John and his son for a tour of the city.  When I  inquired, “What’s local cuisine that's  innate to this area?"  Kieran suggested  I try Carolina BBQ at The Pit. It was a GREAT recommendation!  
The Pit is  known for its authentic whole hog, pit , slow cooked BBQ. They combine casual fare with a trendy dining room. Honestly they had me at the biscuits, served warm with sweet butter. Their chopped pork was wonderfully tangy, cooked with vinegar and a kick of cayenne infused throughout each bite.   If you'd like you can add  one of their  sauces; a tomato base sauce sweetened with molasses or vinegar with crushed red pepper flakes.   
A banana pudding covered with a generous  meringue top,  proved to be a sweet and creamy way to end the meal.

Country Comfort Cookbook rating – don’t miss it! 

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