Thursday, March 28, 2013

Eating Across America @ Grey Horse Tavern Bayport, NY

All that’s healthy and fresh is what you’ll find at "GHT"
All the character and charm of an old home welcomes you as you enter the door and are greeted by the owners. In their dining rooms, a community comes together to meet for a drink after work, listen to live music, see a local artist’s work or to have dinner to celebrate a  dear friend’s birthday. 

Chef Meredith Machemer’s food was developed in keeping with their philosophy, “No Farms, No Food!”  Their menu reflects their support of local farms, sustainable fisheries, and humanely raised meats and dairy items”.  The beets, carrots, fennel, mesculin greens  featured in the stuffed whole grain pita, are locally grown on Long Island, was served  with garlicky  hummus and balanced with buttermilk dressing . 

Then there was comfort food at its best Roasted Chicken BTL with tangy lemon aioli and hand-cut fries (which didn’t last long)!  All the dishes we tried proved to be creative and delicious.  For dessert, the birthday girl selected the Captiva Crunch cake made on the premises ~ moist, orangey, deliciousness! 

Chef Meredith’s Autumn Squash Salad is featured in Harvest: Country Comfort Cookbook.

Country Comfort Cookbook rating ~  healthy and delicious food!

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  1. Very nice! Those fries look very tempting for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This place charges for everything - almost nothing is served gratis to you. And if it is served free, you get it once. They will never ask you if you want more. If you have to pay for it, they are all over you, asking if you want more. Portions were mediocre at best. Took a long time for food to come out (it was not that busy), but the server made sure to say, "well its worth the wait ", instead of sorry for taking so long. Overpriced, and certainly overrated. If you are a regular , you are part of the IN crowd. If you are new, my impression was they don't want to know you.