Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Eating Across America ~ Char Steak & Lounge in Rochester, NY

Typically I won't eat at the hotel restaurant but this time I deviated from my own set of rules.   During the day I met a colleague who proclaimed herself as a fellow foodie and raved about the food at Char.  I am glad I followed her recommendation!  It’s not just good food I look for when seeking a restaurant, it’s an equally appealing ambiance.  Char has both.

Executive Chef  Jeremy Nuccelli is trul innovative combining classic and trendy foods full of various texture and color

Their wood burning grill sets there steaks apart and are served with your choice of a specialty sauces.  Another rule broken .... when in a steak house order steak, NOT tonight.... instead I decided to follow my waiter’s recommendations.   

I started with a ROASTED BABY BEET  and BURRATA MOZZARELLA SALAD  served with red quinoa,  braseola, banyuls wine-buckwheat  honey  vinaigrette.  Proved to be a delicious combination of flavors!

My entree was a RICOTTA GNOCCHI with house made rabbit sausage, fava beans and fennel pollen. I loved the sweetness of this dish.

As long as I am revealing my set of rules.... a pastry chef or dessert made in house is a must have  for me to rationalize the caloric indulgence.  Char’s pastry chef impressed all with his CHOCOLATE FLOURLESS CAKE “Drizzled with a chocolate shiny glaze and served with cream cheese ice cream, and dehydrated cream cheese”. 

Country Comfort Cookbooks Review ~ must try will think you are in NYC! 
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